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Taking action

We take action to look after the needs of particular groups and to foster good relations between communities.

Community safety

Having analysed our equality information we focus our community safety activities towards people who are at greater risk.

For example:

  • Elderly people living alone, with mobility problems
  • People living independently with physical disabilities and mental health issues
  • Transient people moving through a series of shared rented housing

Examples of intiatives:

In the workplace

When through our workforce data and staff feedback, we identify where improvements are needed, we take action.

Examples of this include:

  • Engaging in an anti-bullying awareness campaign  
  • Diversity Awareness training for managers
  • Senior managers taking personal ownership of diversity initiatives  
  • HR professionals working alongside managers to quality assure fair practice
  • Setting up disability and LGBT support groups and information websites
  • Programmes of fitness and literacy training
  • Providing support, adjustments and/or redeployment  for individuals with disabilities or health limitations, such as a new computer tool for staff with dyslexia

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