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Setting objectives and priorities

Knowing about the people living in the communities we serve and the people who work for us helps us to set the right objectives and priorities

Our planning process ensures that the information we gather about the communities, service users and our own staff  is used to inform the direction the organisation takes.

To make decisions we:

  • Analyse the information we have gathered to identify those most at risk or where action is needed to improve service delivery or workplace practices.
  • Set objectives and priorities to protect the most vulnerable members of the community or to take action to  meet the needs of different groups of people.
  • Set this out in our Corporate Plan.
  • Consult with our various communities through the Safety Plan so that elected Members of the Authority are aware of the impact before any decisions are made.
  • We also ensure that equality considerations are an integral part of our decision making process, with people impact assessments being carried out on all our key proposals before any new policies are introduced.

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Objective: We are committed to being well prepared to deal with emergencies