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Kent Fire and Rescue Service

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Getting to know local communities, service users and employees

We analyse local and national data to find out which groups in our communities are most at risk of fire and road traffic collisions.

We collect and monitor our workforce data, and conduct periodic surveys and focus groups to seek the views of our staff.

Local communities

We produce detailed community profiles about the people and places of Kent and Medway at a county and local level which include statistical data on characteristics such as gender, age, race, religion, and disability.

We get to know our communities through initiatives such as open days at our fire stations, safety education programmes for young people, attendance at community events and visits to individual households to offer safety advice.

We formally consult with the public, partners and staff, including representatives of diversity groups, on all of our major decisions through  our annual consultation  process.

As well as looking at communities on a geographical basis we also research the needs of different groups including those with protected characteristics. This approach helps us to understand how to engage with these groups and meet their needs.

Service users

We use incident data, debriefs and surveys to identify who uses our services, which groups of people are most or least likely to use them in the future, and to get feedback about how satisfied they are with the Service they receive. All of this information is published on our website as part of the Corporate Plan.


In addition to monitoring the composition of our workforce through analysis of data (age, gender etc), we seek the views of our staff through regular meetings, staff surveys, focus groups and diversity support groups.


We have a number of partnerships with other local authorities, agencies and community groups. Working with these partners helps us to engage with communities and meet their diverse needs.

Analysing and understanding data

We have a team of analysts which use the data gathered in order to profile community risks and ensure that we continue to provide the services that people need. This analysis identifies emerging trends so that we can continue to develop our services for the future.

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