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Senior Officers' Pay

The Government has a clear commitment to greater transparency of public information.  In line with the publication of salary data on other senior public servants, local authorities are expected to publish data on their senior management.

Regulation 4 of the Accounts and Audit (Amendment No.2) (England) Regulations 2009 [Statutory Instrument I 2009 No. 3322) introduced a legal requirement for reporting remuneration of senior employees to increase transparency and accountability in Local Government.

The organisation’s senior management structure (top three tiers) consists of nine posts, the details of which can be found by clicking on this link - Management Structure

Find out more information about Kent Fire & Rescue Service by clicking on this link – About us.

Publishing formats

In line with Government guidelines we are publishing transparency data in two formats - PDF (portable document file) and CSV (comma-separated values). The PDF format is the easiest format in which to read the data but it does not allow the data to be analysed or sorted, so if you wish to do this then you should use the CSV format, which allows you to put the data into a spreadsheet.

Viewing CSV format data

Please note that the CSV format uses a standard column width and not all entries may be completely visible.

To view all of the data, you will need to expand the columns. You can do this in Microsoft Excel and most other spreadsheet software by selecting all the cells in the file (the grey box beside column A and above row 1), and then clicking on Format > Column > AutoFitSelection.

More information

If you have any queries about the information in these reports please email


Information about senior officers' pay is available to view and download in CSV and Adobe PDF format.

This data is published under the Open Government Licence for public sector information.

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