Ramsgate Fire Station with original horse-drawn fire engine circa 1905 Ramsgate Fire Station

Why do you need a new fire station?

The current Ramsgate fire station is over 100 years old and was designed for horse-drawn fire engines.

As a result it really does not meet the needs of the area eg a modern fire engine does not fit into the station without adaptations such as a shorter rescue ladder.

Why do you want to build here?

  • We need a site that is near to the highest risk areas of Ramsgate and Newington.
  • We also need a site that is close enough to the current station so we do not lose our experienced on-call firefighters who must be able to get to the station from home within five minutes to respond to fires and other emergencies.
  • Finally we need a site that has enough width and depth so that fire engines do not have to reverse in or out of the station.

We have been searching for a suitable site in the town for two years and have identified the old swimming pool site on Newington Road as a site that meets our needs. If we didn’t build here there is a danger that we would have to move outside the town which would increase the time it takes us to get to fires and other emergencies. That would also mean our current experienced on-call firefighters would no longer be able to meet the required five minute turn out time, and so we could lose them from the service.

What kind of station would it be?

It would be a whole time fire station which means six to eight firefighters will be there round the clock. In addition it would be the base for an fire engine which is crewed by on-call firefighters when they are needed to attend an incident. There will also be training on the site for firefighters.

Architect's computer-generated impression of the proposed new Ramsgate Fire Station

What stage are you at?

We are in discussions with Thanet District Council about the purchase of the site. We are also talking to their planning department about our proposals. This would mean local people would have the chance to put their views forward during the planning consultation period towards the end of this year. 

Will there be more traffic?

  • We think there will probably be less traffic since a fire station would have fewer traffic movements than a swimming pool with all of its visitors throughout the day and evening. Data over past years indicates that fire engines are likely to go in and out of the station to operational incidents less than once a week during school start and finish times.
  • We will be working with highway engineers and planning to develop a traffic management plan for the station and this may involve upgrading the existing ‘zebra crossing’ to traffic light control. These plans operate very successfully at other stations. The traffic plan will be open for public consultation in the same way as the planning application.

What about access to Warre Recreation Ground?

Warre Recreation Ground is not part of the site and will not be affected.

Landscaping adjacent to Bridge House

We are hoping to have landscaping adjacent to Bridge House. This is the quietest side of the station that would house offices and sleeping accommodation.

What about the nearby social club?

The nearby social club is not part of the site and will not be affected. Access to this will be maintained.

When would the public see the plans and be able to give their views?

We are working with Thanet District Council planners and hope to submit a planning application for the site in 2014. We have already held community safety events in 2013. Local people will be able to give the council their views and see plans as part of the planning consultation process.

Information about the construction phase

If purchase and planning permission goes ahead we would work with the contractor to ensure that there is as little impact on neighbours as possible during construction, both on the site and on nearby roads.

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