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Our plans, policies and performance

All the actions that Kent Fire & Rescue Service (KFRS) undertake are focused on the delivery of Kent & Medway Fire & Rescue Authority’s (KMFRA) aim and objectives, which are underpinned by a number of plans and policies.

How does the Authority develop its plans?

The first stage in developing the Authority's plans is to consider the long term aim and objectives. Once these have been assessed and agreed by Members, proposals for changes to the Service are drawn up and consulted upon with staff, members of the public, businesses and community groups. This process is conducted alongside the development of the Safety Plan (formerly referred to as the Integrated Risk Management Plan) which sets out proposed changes for consultation .

The outcomes of the Safety Plan, once agreed by Members are then fed into the Corporate Plan. The plan incorporates the medium term financial plan and infrastructure programme. The Corporate Plan also provides details of the Authority's performance over the previous year, targets for the coming years and an improvement action plan explaining how we intend to achieve these targets. The information in the Corporate Plan is updated regularly through the course of the year. It also incorporates the Community Safety Strategy.

Performance information

The Service regularly monitors performance against the Corporate Plan and reports this to the Planning and Performance Committee.  The performance information provided as part of the Corporate Plan is regularly updated to show how we are performing.

At a more local level KFRS performance in your area, provides regular updates of our key performance indicators at district level.


The Authority publishes an Annual Governance Assurance Statement and from 2013/14 it has also published an Operational Assurance Statement.

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Objective: We are committed to reducing the number of fires, deaths and injuries