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Towards 2020

An integrated risk management plan for Kent and Medway

Kent Fire and Rescue Service asked local people, businesses and organisations to comment on our annual safety plan that provides an update on the work of the Service and future plans. In particular we were asking about our:

The public consultation closed on 14 January 2013, but you can still watch our short film or read the full IRMP .

Direct video link:

Results of the consultation

On 13 February 2013, we took the results of the consultation to Kent and Medway Fire & Rescue Authority, the body which oversees how the Service is performing. In total 352 responses were received, and we are grateful to everyone that took the time to respond.

In summary, the Authority agreed to:

  • Rename the Integrated Risk Management Plan the Safety Plan, as this is easier for the public to understand.
  • Freeze its portion of Council Tax for the third year running.
  • Rename the five strategies mentioned above to:
Original proposed name Revised name
Focus on You Focus on Your Safety
Focus on Businesses Focus on Business
Focus on Resilience Responding to Emergencies
Focus on the Environment Caring for the Environment
Focus on Staff Workforce Strategy

Give us your views

Complete the survey that best describes you:

  • Member of the public
  • Business owner 
  • A stakeholder or community group, parish or town council
  • Member of staff

The public consultation closed on 14 January 2013.

Supporting information

IRMP Archive

View IRMPs from previous years:

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Objective: We are committed to being well prepared to deal with emergencies