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We're dedicated to becoming more environmentally friendly and have recently agreed a new Caring for the Environment strategy.

It sets out how we aim to protect the environment of Kent and Medway, as an owner of both buildings and a range of vehicles, but also when we deal with emergencies. It sets out what we would like to achieve over the next five years, and how we will know if we are being successful. It also reviews what we have done so far.


  • our carbon footprint in for the financial year 2012/13 was 3,859 tonnes of CO2. This was 5.5% down on our baseline year of 2008/09
  • 60% is from our buildings and 40% is from our vehicles.

We will reduce our carbon footprint by 35% over the next four years

So how are we going to achieve this?

Some things we have done or propose to do:

  • continue to reduce the number of fires and therefore the environmental and economic impact on residents and businesses in Kent and Medway. In addition this directly reduces the Authority’s carbon footprint by reducing mileage.
  • cut the number of false alarms we have attended through effective call management by our 999 staff, especially in relation to automatic fire alarms most often used by businesses.
  • developed operational procedures to mitigate the impact on the environment from our actions at incidents.
  • smart meters are installed on all electricity and gas meters and buildings have targets to reduce energy use by 10% 2013/14, with a view reducing energy further in future years.
  • monitor on a monthly basis the performance of the organisation against the target.
  • our property programme includes energy saving measures related to boilers, windows, insulation and appliance bay doors.
  • the new fire station at Ash cum Ridley is the first to have solar PV installed, which generates electricity at site.
  • it is proposed to retrofit other fire stations with solar PV over the next 2-3 years.

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