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Visitor information

Kent Fire and Rescue Service headquarters is located in a mixed range of buildings with the original house being built in 1895 and an office extension added in the 1980s. Other outbuildings on site have been converted to office use.

The Godlands site is in a semi-rural location and therefore is not easily accessed by means other than a car. Local bus services run to the bottom of Straw Mill Hill but visitors would need to walk 0.2 miles up hill to reach the main reception, with the last part of the route being poorly lit and having no pedestrian footpath. There is extensive parking on site to offset the poor public transport links and pedestrian access.

Visitors can use either the designated visitor parking at the front of the main building or any of the car parking spaces elsewhere on the site. All visitors must report to the main reception, which is open between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Information for disabled visitors

The following information is provided to help disabled visitors when attending site. If you are planning to visit us and have any questions or concerns about accessibility of the site, please contact us on 01622 692 121 or email

Disabled parking

As KFRS headquarters is best accessed by car or taxi, there are two disabled spaces directly outside the main reception of the building and one by the rear entrance to the building.


There are three adapted toilets on site

Hearing loops

Hearing loops are provided in the three main meeting rooms.

Accessible meeting room

While all meeting rooms can accommodate disabled visitors, the Fordham Room is designated as the Accessible Meeting Room. This room is on the ground floor, with wider door access and hearing loop installed. Access to the adapted toilet by the Committee Room is on the same level. Food and refreshments if required can be easily brought to the room and it also has full internet and internal wireless access which staff can access at meetings. A maximum of 14 people can be accommodated around the table.

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