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Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority Members




Ann Allen                        Mike Angell                      Hod Birkby     

Ann Allen                                        MIke Angell                              Hod Birkby

Wilmington                                    Ashford Rural South              Folkestone West

Conservative                                 Conservative                            UKIP



Nicholas Bond                      Robert Brookbank                  Susan Carey

Nicholas Bond                              Robert Brookbank                     Susan Carey

Herne Bay                                      Swanley                                       Elham Valley

UKIP                                                 Conservative                              Conservative


Nick Chard                    Gordon Cowan                   Jane Cribbon

Nick Chard                                   Gordon Cowan                             Jane Cribbon

(Chairman)                                   Dover Town                                 Gravesham East

Sevenoaks East                          Labour                          Labour



Dan Daley                     John Davies                   Mike Eddy

Dan Daley                                        John Davies                                 Dr Mike Eddy

Maidstone Central                        Tunbridge Wells West               Deal

Liberal Democrat                          Conservative                                Labour



Tom Gates                  KMFRA Member             Link to details of Councillor Adrian Gulvin          

Tom Gates                                      Paul Godwin                                 Adrian Gulvin

Faversham                                     Chatham Central                         Walderslade

Conservative                                  Labour                                           Conservative



Mike Harrison                      Martyn Heale                    Councillor Vaughan Hewett   

Mike Harrison                                    Martyn Heale                             Vaughan Hewett

Whistable                                            Ramsgate                                  Rainham North

Conservative                                        UKIP                                           Conservative


Sarah Hohler                       George Koowaree                  Steve Manion  

Sarah Hohler                                    George Koowaree                        Steve Manion

Malling North                                    Ashford East                                  Dover North

Conservative                                    Liberal Democrat                          Conservative


Tom Mason KMFRA Member            Richard Parry                   Paulina Stockell 

Tom Mason 

(Vice Chairman)                             Richard Parry                                     Paulina Stockell

Strood Rural                                   Sevenoaks West                                Maidstone Rural West

Conservative                                  Conservative                                        Conservative



Alan Terry

Alan Terry

Broadstairs & Sir M M'fiore




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