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Kent Fire and Rescue Service attends a range of incidents including fires, road crashes, flooding, rescues from height, mud or confined spaces. It also supports other agencies including Kent Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service on a regular basis.

The incidents shown on this page are just a sample of those which may be of interest to the public and media.

Medway City Estate building fire
Incident details
UPDATE: 7.15am 
Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) spent four hours tackling a fire in a single-storey range of buildings in Maritime Close, on the Medway City Estate. At the height of the blaze, around 30 firefighters tackled the fire which started before midnight. 
By 1.30am fire crews had extinguished the main fire, and firefighters were using a height vehicle to allow them to use cold-cutting firefighting equipment to access the concealed roof space. This is a portable lance that punches holes into a building allowing firefighters to blast gravel and water inside compartments, rooms or voids within a building. It creates a superfine mist of water and reduces the temperature of a fire by several hundred degrees within seconds. Property can be preserved more effectively, firefighting time is dramatically cut and significantly less water used. Fire crews are safer as the risk of backdraughts and flashovers are greatly reduced. 
Crews worked hard making good progress and were able to scale the incident down to two fire engines shortly after 2.30am. Firefighting operations were completed just after 4am and crews left the scene at around 4.15am. Sadly two dogs were found dead on the mezzanine floor of the property. 
Six fire engines and around 30 firefighters and officers are dealing with a fire on an industrial estate in Maritime Close on Medway City Estate. 
Kent Fire and Rescue Service's emergency control centre, received a 999 call just before midnight and firefighters rushed to the scene, arriving within minutes. 
The fire is affecting  a single-storey industrial unit which is thought to house more than one business. 
Firefighters in breathing apparatus are tackling the fire with threeo jets and have set up a water shuttle. A height vehicle has also been sent to the scene and will be used as a water tower. This will enable the crews to put water into the building whilst being able to stay back a safe distance. 
Good progress is being made and the incident has been sectorised.
Start date and time
15/08/2016 23:52
Stop date and time
16/08/2016 04:03
Maritime Close
United Kingdom
Number of fire engines
Main jet,Hose reel jet,Breathing apparatus
Special and Support vehicles
  • Height vehicle
  • Command support unit
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