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  • Date 19/04/2014
    Time 15:10
    Stop Time 17:15
    Title Casualties freed following two car crash on A20, Swanley
    Location A20 coast bound slip road with M25, Swanley
    Attendance Three fire engines (two from London, one from Kent, SECAmb and Kent Police
  • Date 19/04/2014
    Time 13:35
    Stop Time 13:50
    Title Domestic garage fire in Rochester
    Location Fleet Road, Rochester
    Attendance Two fire engines and Kent Police
  • Date 18/04/2014
    Time 16:40
    Stop Time 17:25
    Title Woman released from crashed car in Great Chart
    Location Ashford Road, Great Chart
    Attendance Two fire engines, SECAmb, Air ambulance and Kent Police
  • Date 18/04/2014
    Time 16:35
    Stop Time 17:15
    Title Flat fire in Northfleet
    Location Black Eagle Drive, Northfleet
    Attendance Three fire engines
  • Date 17/04/2014
    Time 14:55
    Stop Time 07:10
    Title Tyres alight at Southfleet
    Location Hook Green Road, Southfleet near Gravesend
    Attendance four fire engines and a water unit.
  • Date 16/04/2014
    Time 09:45
    Stop Time 13:40
    Title Serious multi-vehicle rtc on M26
    Location Between junctions 2a and 3 of London-bound carriageway of M26
    Attendance Four fire engines, Kent Police,SECAmb, Kent Air Ambulance and HART.
  • Date 15/04/2014
    Time 18:55
    Stop Time 20:35
    Title House fire in Broadstairs
    Location Norman Road, Broadstairs
    Attendance Three fire engines and the Red Cross Team.
  • Date 13/04/2014
    Time 05:10
    Stop Time 05:50
    Title Woman rescued after Ramsgate rtc
    Location Tothill Street, Minster, Ramsgate
    Attendance Two fire engines. SECAmb.
  • Date 13/04/2014
    Time 00:40
    Stop Time 03:10
    Title Kemsing village hall fire
    Location Kemsing High Street, near Sevenoaks.
    Attendance Four fire engines
  • Date 12/04/2014
    Time 14:30
    Stop Time 15:10
    Title Elderly woman freed after A25 rtc
    Location A25 Westerham Road at junction with Homedean Road, Chipstead
    Attendance Two fire engines. Kent Police and SECAmb paramedics.
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