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Job roles

On this page you can get an overview of the main job roles available at Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Please select a link from the options below to find out more:


Our firefighters play a vital role in helping make Kent and Medway a safer place for everyone. As well as responding to fires they deal with a range of emergencies including rescue operations, road traffic collisions, collapsed buildings and floods. They also play an important role in promoting fire and road safely in the area.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service no longer operates a retained system. We now have on-call firefighters, working on a ‘guaranteed hours’ contract.

Control team

When you call 999 and ask for fire, the person at the other end of the line will be a member of the Control team. This team works on shifts, round-the-clock, 365 days a year, taking around 50,000 calls from the public every year. They deal with calls ranging from burning buildings to road traffic collisions and floods and at times the safety advice they give over the phone really does save lives. They mobilise fire crews and equipment to incidents and are a vital point of contact during any emergency.

Technical fire safety

The Technical Fire Safe Team provides support and training in all issues regarding technical (legislative) fire safety, including fire safety enforcement. It also provides support for all matters relating to policy, procedures and technique in the investigation of fires.

Community safety

Preventing fires or road traffic collisions happening in the first place is the very best way of ensuring the safety of local people. Kent Fire and Rescue Service has a team dedicated to promoting safety advice. The Community Safety team provides support and training in all issues associated with community safety, including partnership working, funding opportunities, national and local campaigns and the development and review of community safety policy and procedures, information and education.

Service support

Kent Fire and Rescue Service employs service support staff in from a host of different professional backgrounds - from engineers to IT specialists, accountants to HR officers. Though it might not be immediately apparent from their job titles, all play their part in supporting the front line services to make Kent and Medway a safer place for local people.

Careers at Kent Fire and Rescue Service

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