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Full-time firefighter

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is not currently recruiting full-time firefighters.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service no longer operates a retained system. We now have on-call firefighters, working on a ‘guaranteed hours’ contract.

Please read these frequently asked questions before contacting us about working as a full-time firefighter:

Are you recruiting full-time firefighters?

We are not currently recruiting full-time firefighters.

When is your next recruitment drive for full-time firefighters?

We are not currently recruiting full-time firefighters and there are no plans to do so in the near future.

Can you put me on your waiting list for vacancies?

We don’t have a waiting list.

Can you send me an application form?

We do all of our recruitment online through website, so when we have vacancies you can download an application form from our site. We don’t have a waiting list, so cannot accept speculative CVs and applications forms.

I wear glasses or have had laser eye surgery, is that a problem?

Laser eye surgery and wearing glasses is not a problem, but we will look at each person’s case, you will need to pass a standard eye test and we may need to send you for an eye check up with our own optician.

What are the fitness criteria?

You must be physically fit - most people who take part in a sport (such as football or tennis) on a regular basis would be fit enough, but the fitter you are the better.

What age do I need to be?

You must be over 18 years old when you apply.

Do you have literacy standards?

You need to have achieved a high level two certificate in numeracy and literacy (equivalent qualifications may be considered on an individual basis).

What does the job involve?

There is no such thing as a typical day for a firefighter, but the job includes responding to emergency calls at whatever time of the day or night they come; visiting local risk areas to talk to business proprietors or local people about fire safety, and

preparation for any potential; training and practising so you are ready to deal with all sorts of situations and emergencies. Using technical knowledge and skills to maintain live-saving equipment needed on all fire stations.

Firefighters can also train to become drivers, learn to work with high-level appliances and promotion is open to all.

Is there training?

Being a firefighter means being able to respond to all sorts of challenges and you will be fully trained to meet these needs. The training helps firefighters stay safe while you are helping the people of Kent and Medway. The training is designed to give confidence when doing the job and to develop skills.

The initial training takes about 80 working days (16 weeks). It is an intensive course involving both practical and classroom based sessions. Firefighters learn about community safety issues, the use of breathing apparatus, ladder safety and much more. They do regular study and pass formal assessments on each element of the course.

What happens after training?

After initial training, firefighters are posted to a fire station where they are guided through a programme of on-the-job training until they achieve competence in the role of firefighter. Training and development are important to Kent Fire and Rescue Service. Throughout their career they will be offered further opportunities for training. It might be learning how to use a new piece of equipment, how to drive one of our vehicles, how to carry out a specialist task, or it might be training for promotion.

Everyone gains qualifications with wide, national recognition which can lead to graduate and post-graduate qualifications.

If we haven’t answered your questions in the list above you can email us on

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