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Relative or friend in Specialised Housing?

Relative or friend in Specialised Housing?

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Regulation and housing advice

Are you aware that Specialised Housing is regulated by the Fire Authority and Local Authority?

You can find further information about Specialised Housing on the Elderly Accommodation Counsel website. 

Take some time to look through these frequently asked questions that you may find helpful:

Does the premises have sufficient numbers of staff to evacuate my loved one to safety?
Although some such schemes still have an on-site scheme manager, many rely on social alarm (“Telecare”) systems linked to alarm receiving centres to provide support to residents. In these cases, there may be only limited day time cover and no management presence during the night to provide any assistance to the residents in the event of a fire. Even in extra care housing schemes, where a higher level of staff presence will commonly be provided by virtue of carers being on site, the assistance that can be provided to residents in the event of fire is limited. 
Fundamental to the fire safety design of any building is the ability to escape safely. The key objective in escape route design is that it should be possible to escape unaided (i.e. without external assistance) while it is still safe to do so. 
You can discuss this with your housing provider to determine how the home meets this. 
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Helping your loved-ones to stay safe

Are you caring for someone who may become lost or confused while out of their home?

Kent Police and Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has a form to assist you and them to locate or search for individuals.

This form should be completed as soon as you can, to help in the event of an emergency. We would encourage you to spend time with your loved one completing this form whilst you’re relaxed, comfortable and able to think clearly ahead of a possible situation.

Free safe and well visits

Did you know that your loved-one might be eligible for a free KFRS Safe and Well Visit?

If they are:       

  • Over 70 or your cared for loved one is over 70       
  • Caring for someone living with dementia        
  • Living with children under the age of 5 in the property        
  • Live with 5 or more occupants in the property        
  • A smoker        
  • Live with potential fire setters (someone who is likely to start a fire)   
  • Live with a disabled occupant
  • Live with someone who doesn’t feel safe in their home.   

 If they have said yes to any of the above:

Please put them in touch with our Safe and Well Visit team on 0800 923 7000 or by email: for some home safety advice or to see if they're eligible for a visit from our team.

If they are not eligible for a Safe and Well Visit, did you know there are extra steps you can take to help keep your loved one safe?

There is a selection of fire safety aids available to buy that can help keep you and your loved one safe and independent, including:

  • Smoke alarms with warning lights and vibrating pads for the deaf or hard-of-hearing
  • Fire-resistant sheets and pillowcases
  • Remote smoking ashtrays
  • Automatic shut-off switches for ovens and hobs
  • Electrical socket guards
  • External post boxes
  • Key safes

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