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Escaping from fireEscaping from fire

Once a fire starts, it takes hold quickly and spreads even faster.

A fire is frightening and it can be difficult to think straight, especially if your hall is filled with smoke and you’re worried about getting you and your family out.

The most important thing is to get out, stay out and call 999. Remember to speak slowly and clearly.

There are other things you can think about that will help if a fire does break out in your home.

Have a plan

  • Discuss with everyone how you would get out if there were a fire. When making your plan, take account of everyone in the household, especially children and older or disabled people.
  • Talk through your escape plan, and regularly remind people what to do – and what not to do – if there’s a fire.
  • Put a reminder of what to do somewhere where it’s easily seen (for example, on the fridge door or the kitchen notice board).

Choose an escape route

  • The best escape route is usually your normal way in and out of your home. Think of any difficulties you or the other people in your household may have getting out.
  • Choose a second escape route as well, in case the first one is blocked. Keep all escape routes clear.
  • If there are children, disabled or older people in your household, plan how you will get them out and the best order for you all to escape.

Think about choosing a ‘safe room’

  • If you can’t escape you will need to find a room where you can wait for us. This is particularly important if you have difficulty moving around or using the stairs.
  • If possible, your safe room should have a window which opens and a phone.
  • Make sure everyone knows where the house keys are kept
  • All keys should be kept close to the doors and windows they are needed for. Everyone in the household should know where the keys are kept.

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