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Smoke alarms save lives

We want to make sure all homes in Kent and Medway have working smoke alarms - it's the best protection you can have against fire. That's why we offer free safety advice and services to everyone.

Kirsty was at a friend's flat when a fire broke out, destroying the staircase and trapping her upstairs as the fire spread. Here she talks about her terrifying experience and how the toxic smoke nearly took her life.

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There is also a lot you can do to keep yourself (and your loved ones) safe.

By reading through the pages in this section (listed on the right), you can find out more about your risk level. Or download our 'Fire safety in your home' handbook in Adobe PDF format.

Speak to one of our home safety advisors today - call freephone 0800 923 7000, or email us. All our sevices are free of charge.

Did you know that just three breaths of fire smoke can be fatal, even for a young and healthy adult?

Of course babies, children and older people are most at risk if a fire breaks out in their home, as their bodies are even less able to cope.

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The smoke produced by a house fire is far more dangerous than the flames. It’s not like cigarette smoke or what you get from a bonfire.

Look around your living room and kitchen and think about what it’s all made of. It’s likely to be mostly plastics, and a lot of metal.

When a house fire takes hold and these things burn, they produce a range of poisonous chemicals.

There’s cyanide, hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid and even chlorine gas. Deadly carbon monoxide is one of the friendlier chemicals you’ll be breathing.

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