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Stand By Your Pan

A common misconception about house fires:

‘If there’s a fire in my home, the smoke will wake me up’

The facts:

  • Just two breaths of fire smoke can knock you unconscious
  • The smell of smoke doesn’t wake up you up! The poisonous gases produced by a fire numb the senses and put you into a deeper sleep
  • A child can die from smoke inhalation in less than a minute
  • A household fire doubles in size every thirty seconds


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Kent Fire and Rescue Service is determined to drive down these risks, and the Stand By Your Pan video and message is being used across Kent, Medway and other fire and rescue services nationally to get the message across.

Our Tammy Wynette-inspired video tells the story of a man’s return home after a night out with friends, and how his hunger pangs lead him to dice with death, before being saved by ‘fire angels’.

Head of Community Safety Stuart Skilton explained: “Unfortunately, ‘fire angels’ don’t actually exist - if you’re asleep and a fire breaks out, you’re in serious trouble. Just a couple of breaths of fire smoke can be enough to knock you completely unconscious.

“Combine these elements with the effects of alcohol and the chances of escaping from the smoke and flames diminish significantly.

“Drink affects people mentally and physically, increasing their likelihood of having a fire and slowing their reaction times when one breaks out. Survival is dependent on early detection – which means working smoke alarms.”

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