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Water safety

We are regularly called out to save people who get into difficulty while swimming in Kent's rivers and lakes.

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They are caught out because the water is not as safe as it looks, and is full of dangers they can’t see.

  • The water is often far deeper that people think.
  • It's very cold, and can quickly cause cramp and breathing difficulties.
  • It may contain hidden rubbish and debris such as shopping trolleys and broken glass which can cause injuries and drowning. 
  • Sometimes it can it can be polluted and makes them very ill.

During the school holidays, and in particular in hot weather, increasing numbers of children are drowning. On average, there are 50 of these tragedies each year in the UK.

If you do decide to swim in a lake or river, make sure you keep yourself as safe as possible...

  • Don't jump or dive in, as the water can be far deeper than it looks -  with unseen hazards.
  • Never swim near weirs or locks as there are often dangerous currents.
  • Always make sure someone on land knows you are swimming.

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