Kent Fire & Rescue Service

Tuesday 17 June 2014, 10.30am Annual Meeting


Membership of Authority for 2014/15 (new Members shown in bold):-

Appointed by Kent County Council (21):- Mrs A Allen, Mr M J Angell, Mr H Birkby, Mr N Bond,     Mr R E Brookbank, Ms S J Carey, Mr N J D Chard, Mr G Cowan, Ms C J Cribbon, Mr D S Daley, Mr J A Davies, Dr M R Eddy, Mr T Gates, Mr M J Harrison, Mrs S V Hohler, Mr S J G Koowaree, Mr S Manion, Mr R J Parry, Mrs P A V Stockell, Mr A Terry, plus one new Member yet to be appointed (replaces Mr M Heale).

Appointed by Medway Council (4):- Mr D Carr (replaces Mr V B Hewett), Mr P Godwin, Mr A V H Gulvin, Mr T G Mason.



          (During these items the meeting is likely to be open to the public)

A       Routine Business

A1.       Election of Chairman for 2014/15

A2.       Election of Vice-Chairman for 2014/15

A3.       Membership Changes and Apologies for Absence

To note the Members appointed to serve on the Authority for 2014/15 (as above), to thank former Members for their service, and to receive any apologies for absence.

A4.       Declarations of Interest in Items on this Agenda

A5.       Minutes of the Meeting of the Authority held on 11 February 2014 (for approval)

A6.       Minutes of a Meeting of the General Purposes Committee held on 16 April 2014 (for information)

A7.       Minutes of a Meeting of the Planning and Performance Committee held on 7 May 2014 (for information)

B      For Decision

B1.      Appointment of Members to Committees and Outside Bodies for 2014/15

            Appointment of Members to Committees and Outside Bodies for 2014/15 - Appendix 1

B2.      Collaboration and Partnership Options

            Collaboration and Partnership Options - Appendix 1

B3.      Safety Plan/Medium Term Financial Plan 2015/16 (presentation)

C      For Information

C1.      Industrial Action (oral update)

C2.      Performance Update

C3.      Major Incident - Ferry Fire at Dover Docks, 1 May 2014(presentation)                                                                                                                                                                   

D         Urgent Business

D1.      Urgent Action since Last Meeting

D2.      Other Items which the Chairman decides are Urgent



At the time of preparing this agenda there were no exempt items.  During any such items which may arise the meeting is likely NOT to be open to the public).

 Stuart Ballard

Clerk to the Authority

5 June 2014

Please note that the background papers referred to in the accompanying reports may be inspected by arrangement with the Lead/Contact Officer named on each report.

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