Kent Fire & Rescue Service

General Purposes Committee

Terms of Reference

1.        To advise the Authority on its budget strategy and precept level.

2.         To determine the Authority’s policy on the establishment and use of reserves, and agree the setting and revision of the Authority’s prudential indicators for capital financing.

3.         To determine the Authority’s policies on asset management, including the Authority’s estate, vehicles and information systems.

4.         To review expenditure against the Authority’s agreed revenue and capital budgets, and approve the annual statement of accounts, on behalf of the Authority.

5.         To review the External Auditors’ Management Letter to the Authority and any reports from the External Auditor, and make recommendations to the Authority as necessary.

6.         To ensure that processes are in place which deliver effective controls and audit functions, including the agreement of the internal audit programme and action plan; and liaise with external auditors over their appointment, plans and fees.

7.         To ensure that processes are in place which deliver effective corporate governance and risk management arrangements, and review their operation.

8.         To approve the Authority’s arrangements for Treasury Management and insurance.

9.         To approve payment for services to anyone not a member of the Service under Section 15 of the Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004.

10.          To receive annual reports on compliments, complaints and Freedom of Information requests received by the Service.

11.          To ensure that processes which deliver value for money are maintained and developed.

12.          To promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Members of the Authority.

13.          To advise the Authority on the adoption or revision of its Code of Conduct for Members and oversee arrangements to assist Members to observe the Code.

14.          To oversee the procedure for considering any complaints that a Member of the Authority has breached the Code of Conduct for Members.

15.          To oversee the Member Activity Report procedure and consider Member Activity Reports each year.

16.      To consider and agree the Authority’s Workforce Strategy, and report to the Authority on any issues arising from it which impact on the Authority’s overall plans and budgets.

17.       To consider and agree new human resource policies, and significant amendments to existing policies, including pay and conditions of service, other than those remitted to the Senior Officers’ Appointments and Conditions Committee.

18.       To consider the implications of UK and European legislation on employment issues and of National Joint Council Agreements for the Authority.

19.       To agree and monitor the Authority’s equality objectives, and report periodically to the Authority on their progress.

20.       To review the Service’s performance against the corporate health targets and objectives set in the Corporate Plan in relation to diversity, sickness and ill-health retirement.

21.       To consider and agree the Authority’s Health and Safety Framework, and its arrangements for delivering occupational health services.  This will include an annual report on relevant health and safety and accident statistics.

22.       To consider any issues arising from the Service’s Learning and Organisational Development Strategy, and arrangements for the provision of training for employees including any regional training strategies.

23.       To consider any arrangements with the constituent authorities or other local authorities and public sector bodies for use by the Authority of the services of staff of those organisations, and for the making of contracts and payments on behalf of the Authority with/to those authorities, other than those which are dealt with as part of partnership collaboration arrangements.

24.          To oversee the Authority’s approach to Environmental Management.

Approved by the Authority on 13 June 2013.

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