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Equality, diversity and inclusion

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Everyone Together 

Kent Fire and Rescue Service recognise and understand that everyone is unique and everyone has value. We care about our customers and each other and work to ensure everyone feels they belong and can thrive. We are an inclusive organisation where kindness and a curiosity to talk and learn about each other is encouraged and lies at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

We care about about equality, diversity and inclusion - everyone matters and together every one of us helps to save lives. 

We are one team - everyone together. 

Equality Diversity and Inclusion and Kent Fire and Rescue Service

Why does equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) matter and what does it mean to us? 

Equality :

  • is ensuring everyone has access to the same opportunities and services 
  • is being open to everyone, embracing difference 
  • is ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and career 
  • is not sameness


  • is what makes everyone different.  
  • is not about labels or labelling people.  
  • of thought has a positive impact in our workplace  
  • makes us unique, enabling us to thrive by embracing our differences 


  • is celebrating diversity, it’s importance and the value it brings 
  • is recognising and reflecting our constantly changing and different society 
  • creates an environment that values and welcomes everyone, helping everyone feel they belong 
  • is embracing everyone, together. 

What is Everyone Together?

It is about valuing difference and being kind. 

Three simple commitments help us to understand why equality, diversity and inclusion matters to us: 

Everyone belongs 

Everyone is unique. We embrace this uniqueness, treating everyone as equals and ensuring the same opportunities are available to all. We strive to build open relationships based on trust, kindness and compassion, leading to a sense of belonging. 

Everyone is different 

Valuing difference in all its forms makes KFRS the organisation it is. Supporting and encouraging people to grow, thrive and be themselves goes to the heart of who we are, what we do and our success. Our differences support us in helping our customers 

Everyone can be curious 

Encouraging a greater curiosity to learn about each other and our customers is at the heart of who we are. Taking time to talk and explore our differences is everyone’s responsibility. It helps us all to grow and in turn enables us to understand and help our customers. 

Everyone Together campaign 2021-2025

Find out more about our 'Everyone Together' campaign


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