Day-crewed wholetime firefighter

Day-crewed wholetime firefighters work on station during the day and respond on call from home during the evening.

Our day-crewed wholetime firefighters fulfil a particular and important role in both the Service and their local community. They live within four minutes of the station they work from and receive an allowance in addition to their annual salary. 

Applications for day-crewed wholetime firefighters have now closed

Thank you to all those who applied, and we are sorry to those who missed out on the recruitment opportunity on this occasion. We are making some changes to how we recruit day-crewed wholetime firefighters from 2022 and details will follow soon via this website and our social media channels. 

Positive action


Positive action is the term used to describe the steps employers can take to encourage job applications from people in groups that are under-represented in the workplace. It is a positive way of helping to improve diversity. 

As an Equal Opportunities employer we are committed to equality and to being approachable for the communities we serve. Positive action helps us to make sure our workforce is representative of our communities and to provide support prior to the application process.  

Positive action should not be confused with positive discrimination, which is illegal. Kent Fire and Rescue Service do not condone discrimination. Candidates will always be selected on the basis of their performance, skills and merit.