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Apprenticeship process

Apprenticeship process

Time off to study

Working with Kent Fire & Rescues Service will provide individuals with the opportunity to work alongside experienced staff, gain job-specific skills and be granted paid time off for study related to an individual's role.

Duration of apprenticeships

The duration of an apprenticeship will be dependent on the role you study for but will be a minimum of 12 months and one day, in accordance with government rules, but could be a maximum of five years depending on the educational level of study and the role

Pay & conditions

National minimum rates of pay for apprentices are set by the government.  However, apprentices working for Kent Fire & Rescue Service earn more than the national rates.  Annual increments in pay are given on an annual basis.

Can I undertake any apprenticeship?

Individuals can only undertake the apprenticeship relevant to their job roles.

Minimum entry requirements

Kent Fire & Rescue Service  are interested in hearing from individuals who have the following and are eligible for employment within the UK:-

  • GSCEs qualifications:  The GSCEs programmes are taken by 14 to 16 year olds, however, they are also available to adults. The GSCEs qualifications are highly desirable because they are highly valued by both the schools and employers. The Higher in Scotland is equivalent to the GSCEs.      

 Kent Fire & Rescue Service are interested in hearing form candidates who have minimum of 5 x GCSE'S at Grade A-C ( or equivalent: 4-9)

  • A and AS Level qualifications:  These qualifications are intended for learners who want to get a deeper knowledge of a particular subject and are usually studied by 16 and 18 years olds who have completed their GSCEs.  Learners in Scotland who have completed Highers usually take Advanced Higher although some schools also offer A Level Qualification. Kent Fire & Rescue Service are interested in hearing from candidates who have a minimum of 3 x Grade C’s or above at A level 

  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma:  Like its name suggests, it is an internationally recognised qualification which is an alternative to the A and AS Level Qualifications. The IB programmes are selected by students who want to study more subjects at a detailed level. Although the IB programmes are grouped into Level 3 of the QCF, they are widely regarded to be more difficult than the A and AS Levels.

Kent Fire & Rescue Service would accept this diploma in lieu of A and AS level qualifications as an equivalent qualification for entry to an apprenticeship

  • Vocational qualifications: They are work-related qualifications that are specifically designed to help the learners acquire work-related knowledge and skills. Vocational Qualifications are available at different levels which can be compared to other qualifications. Vocational Qualification Level 3 for instance is equivalent to A Level Qualifications.

Kent Fire & Rescue Service would consider accredited prior learning for an candidate who may have studied for a vocational qualification leading towards an apprenticeship in the same discipline.

  • A UK citizen:  candidates must have the right to work within the United Kingdom and will be required to provide evidence to support this requirement.

  • Age of entry:  Will be 16 years of age by the time you wish to start your apprenticeship.

  • Age of entry:  Those interested in an operational firefighting apprenticeship have to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

 Some roles may require additional requirements but Kent Fire & Rescue Service will indicate what these are within the advertised job descriptions, dependant on the position.

Age limit

 There is no age limit to apprenticeships so they are open to anyone and not those who are just starting their careers.  We exclude no-one.  

How to apply

Applications for apprenticeships will be advertised on our website throughout the year. Our vacancies will be advertised in partnership with Government Approved Apprenticeship Training Provider. Vacancies will be advertised on our own website (under our vacancies), our Training Providers website and also the National Apprenticeship website which is operated by the Government. 

Should you be interested in applying for an apprenticeship with Kent Fire & Rescue Service you will need to do the following:

  1. Visit our current vacancies page

  2. Read the apprenticeship advert, job description and person specification to check that you meet the minimum entry requirements.

  3. Apply for the apprenticeship you are interested in. 

  4. Your application will be handled by our government appointed training provider who may require you to undertaken some aptitude tests to ensure you are suitable for the role you are interested in.

  5. Answer all the questions within the apprenticeship application form

  6. Submit your application

Once you have submitted your application our government appointed training provider will liaise directly with you to determine your suitability for the role you have applied for.

Those candidates shortlisted for consideration by our organisation will be required to attend an interview where they will meet the manager of the department in which the apprenticeship vacancy exists.

The interview will provide candidates with the opportunity to discuss the apprenticeship in more detail and to discuss the training available.

Following an interview, candidates will be advised whether they have been successful with their application and pre-employment checks will then be carried out by our human resources team. 

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