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Dover fire crews out and about with summer safety tips

Publication date
16 July 2013
News release text
As people continue to make the most of the sunny weather, Dover firefighters will be doing their bit to help people stay safe. 
Green watch crew will be taking a fire engine along to Whitfield this weekend (Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July) and handing out advice to shoppers outside the B & Q store from 10am to 3pm. They will be joined by community safety officers with a display on Sunday (21 July). 
Watch manager Paul Mellett said: “This time of year is perfect for getting outdoors, be it camping or enjoying a barbecue with family and friends. Our crews will be offering tips to ensure these occasions don’t end in disaster due to fire. 
“They will also be chatting to people about the risks of country-side fires and staying safe on the water, as well as ensuring people are aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide.” 
Next Saturday (27 July), firefighters from Dover’s blue watch and community safety staff will be attending the Dover Regatta, an event expecting to attract thousands of visitors to the town. As well as providing summer safety advice, they will be offering free home safety advice and tips on boat fire safety. 
Green Watch crew will also be attending the Frandham Kennels fun day in Minnis Lane, River on Sunday 28 July from 11am to 4pm to promote summer safety. 
Keep safe this summer by following our golden rules: 
Adults set a good example – behave safely and responsibly! 
Be aware of your children’s limitations – e.g. how confident are they in the water? 
Don't jump or dive in, as the water can be far deeper than it looks - with unseen hazards. 
Never swim near weirs or locks as there are usually dangerous currents. 
Even inland waters can be very cold, no matter how warm the weather. Be aware that this can quickly cause cramp and breathing difficulties. 
Never use accelerants such as petrol on barbecues 
Never leave a barbeque unattended 
Never cook or smoke inside tents 
Always make sure cigarettes are properly extinguished 
Never leave lighters or matches around – they can be a temptation to children. 
Carbon monoxide - the quiet killer... 
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, highly poisonous gas that can kill in minutes. 
CO poisoning can be caused by ANY fuel that burns or smoulders. 
Make sure your camping light and stove are clean and properly adjusted. 
Never take a portable barbecue – or lit charcoal – into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan. 
And make sure exhaust from generators is properly vented away from occupied areas. 
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