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Candle Christmas safety advice

Publication date
20 December 2013
News release text
Crews are reminding residents to take care with candles over Christmas after a fire broke out in a house in Headcorn yesterday (Thursday). 
Firefighters were called to Grigg Lane at 5pm after candles that had been left burning unattended in a lounge caught surrounding furnishings alight. 
On arrival crews quickly used a hose reel jet to prevent the fire spreading any further and a positive pressure ventilation fan to remove remaining smoke from the property. 
Maidstone Watch Manager, Howard Dellow, who attended the incident, said: “The occupier was using candles to light her living room and unfortunately one had fallen onto soft furnishings while she was upstairs. Thankfully the smoke alarm alerted her to what was going on and she was able to get out of her home safely before our arrival. 
“Candles and tea lights are often used as decorations this time of year but it’s important to remember they should be held securely in containers and extinguished before you leave the room. 
“I would also encourage everyone to fit and maintain a smoke alarm on every floor of your home to help keep your friends and family safe from fire this Christmas." 
The following safety tips will help keep you and your family safe from fire 
Candles should be fitted in a candle holder and placed on a non-flammable surface 
Do not leave burning candles unattended - especially with young children or pets in the house 
Do not place burning candles close to curtains, bedding or clothing which might catch fire 
Do not place burning candles on window sills or on the floor 
Extinguish all candles before going to bed 
Do not place burning candles where they might be knocked over 
Buy ceramic containers that are well ventilated, containers will get very hot and may make the flame larger and cause it to flare up 
Do not allow anything to fall into the molten wax as this can form a secondary wick 
Do not move candles when they are alight or while the wax is molten 
Remember - Don't forget to buy a smoke alarm and test it regularly. 
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