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‘Keep safe’ call to action during June fire strikes

Publication date
10 June 2014
News release text
Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is asking residents to keep safety in mind after the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) announced its members will be taking part in further strikes in June from: 
·         9am on Thursday 12 June until 9am Friday 13 June (24 hours) 
·         10am to 5pm on Saturday 21 June (seven hours) 
There will also be a ban on voluntary overtime across England and Wales from 9am on 13 June until 10am on 21 June and from 5pm on 21 June to 9am on 22 June. 
KFRS is putting plans in place to be prepared to respond with a contingency level of fire and rescue services during these periods but is once again asking people to do what they can to help reduce the risk of fire in their home by following our #takeextra care safety advice: 
·         Make sure you have working smoke alarms on every floor of your home and test them regularly. 
·         Unplug any unused electrical items before you go out and don’t overload electric sockets, this is a major cause of fires. 
·         Avoid leaving electrical items running, such as the washing machine or tumble dryer, while you’re away from home. Don’t set your oven to come on via a timer when you are out. 
·         Keep looking while you’re cooking and don’t leave any cooking unattended, especially if you’ve been drinking alcohol or are on medication. 
·         If you’re planning a late night snack after an evening out, maybe this is the night to get a takeaway or have a cold snack as so many kitchen fires are alcohol related. 
·         Take care if you’re having a barbecue, never use petrol and never leave it unattended. 
·         Avoid using candles and certainly don’t leave them burning if you are not in the room. 
And for anyone out and about: 
·         Drive carefully and wear a seatbelt – speed limits aren’t targets. Please take extra time for your journey, especially during rush hours. 
·         Avoid having bonfires as these can easily burn out of control and cause damage to sheds, fences etc. 
·         If you are out walking, stick to safe areas and avoid water and deep mud where you may get into difficulties. 
KFRS Director of Operations, Sean Bone-Knell said: "It’s important that the public realises that this is a national dispute between the FBU and the Government; KFRS has no place in the negotiations and we would like to remind everyone that this is not a dispute between KFRS and our firefighters. 
“As with previous strikes, we will be putting contingency plans in place to answer 999 calls and respond to incidents across the county. We will be providing the best service possible with the resources available but it’s vital that the public continues to be aware of these strikes and we urge you to heed our safety warnings by taking extra care to prevent fires happening in the first place.” 
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