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Heavy rain and strong winds forecast for Kent

Publication date
23 December 2013
News release text
With the Met Office forecasting heavy rain and strong winds in Kent during Monday and Tuesday, residents are being urged to be ready and take care. 
As much as 40mm of rain could fall between Monday morning and Tuesday afternoon, with flooding possible in some areas – while gusts of 70mph are expected, particularly in coastal areas. 
Kent County Council is working with partners from the Environment Agency, Kent Police, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, district/borough councils, Medway Council, the NHS and others to be prepared. 
Please help them by making sure you, your friends & family stay safe. 
Key messages 
1) Be vigiliant 
It is important that residents and businesses do what they can to prepare for this weather, particularly in areas that are prone to flooding. Stay tuned to latest information and advice from the Met Office and the Environment Agency on their websites or on national and local news. To check whether you are in an area at risk from flooding, go to the Environment Agency’s website. 
2) Mobile homes and caravans 
Mobile and temporary buildings can be at particular risk in high winds. Anyone who is living in or using a temporary building or caravan should consider alternatives, such as staying with friends and family or, if you are on a campsite, moving to communal brick buildings on site. 
3) Travel 
Whether driving, travelling by train or heading to ports and airports, poor conditions can make any journey hazardous. Think about whether you really need to travel. If your journey is absolutely necessary, take extra care while driving, particularly while passing bikes, motorbikes or high-sided vehicles. Anyone depending on public transport, ferries or airlines should check with the operator before setting off. 
4) Sandbags 
If you live in an area at risk from flooding, you can buy sandbags from local builders’ merchants to help protect your property. In some areas, your local district/borough council may be able to help, although they will need to use the resources they have to carry out their own flood plans, so do check in advance. 
5) Garden furniture and Christmas decorations 
Garden furniture and outdoor Christmas trees, inflatable decorations and outside lights can all be at risk – and could be a danger to others. Residents are urged to make sure outdoor decorations are deflated, secured and switched off to minimise risk. 
6) Danger areas 
During poor weather, there are particular dangers associated with coastal areas and rivers. Residents are urged to stay away from high or strong waves. Avoid walking or driving through floodwater as there may be underwater dangers 
7) Look out for neighbours 
People who are older, vulnerable or living on their own might become concerned or isolated at this time. Residents are asked to check in on friends, family and neighbours to make sure they are alright – and arrange to be in touch during bad weather. 
Further information 
Weather forecasts, warnings & advice: 
Flood alerts, warning & advice: 
Travel advice:
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