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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

On this page you will find a number of questions our fire safety officers are asked on a regular basis. If your question is not shown here, please contact your local fire safety team for further information.

How do I reduce the risk of arson?
Did you know that the most serious fire risk to your premises is from deliberate fire. 
If you own or manage a business then the following questions should be considered. 
• Are perimeter fences secure and in a good state of repair? 
• Are entrance gates kept to a minimum and well supervised? 
• Is security lighting installed and operating efficiently? 
• Is CCTV installed? 
• Is access to the roof via drainpipes and trees denied? 
• Are access doors to the building kept to the minimum compatible with the requirements for 
means of escape? 
• Are these access doors available only from the inside (secured by a single fastening operated 
without the need for a key)? 
• Are windows and skylights intact and secured outside of working hours? 
• Do you stack combustible storage against the outer wall of the building or adjacent to the 
perimeter fence? 
• Has there been any recent examples of vandalism and graffiti in the area? 
• Is there an effective access control system? 
• Has an intruder alarm been installed? 
• Are critical areas of the building illuminated out of working hours? 
• Is there an effective system for the secure storage of raw materials and finished products? 
• Is waste material kept to a minimum and securely stored? 
• Is access to flammable liquids, gases and other chemicals denied to the intruder? 
• Is access to ignition sources denied to the intruder? 
• Are contractors adequately supervised? 
• Are you aware of any discontent amongst members of staff? 
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