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Preparing an emergency grab bag

Making an emergency check list

What is a grab bag?

Grab bags, also known as grab packs are a very useful tool for your business and Kent Fire and Rescue Service when there is an incident at your premises.

A grab bag should contain items that are essential to recovering or continuing your business which will aid with business continuity should you need to evacuate in the event of an emergency.You should ensure it contains vital information that will assist your business and Kent Fire and Rescue Service, and will help inform you and us of procedures and processes during an emergency or evacuation of your premises.

Every business is unique and your Grab Bag should be too. Your Grab Bag should be easily accessible, easy to carry and located on the route of escape and taken with you when you evacuate the premises.

What should a grab bag contain?

Assembling your grab bag is a simple task and something you will be able to assemble yourselves. Here is a general guide containing some of the items you could include in a grab bag so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency:

  • an emergency checklist

  • a clear plan (ideally laminated to protect against the elements) of the premises, including: fire escape routes, fire safety measures such as detection and lighting, service isolation points (gas, water, electricity). sprinkler stop valves, location of ventilation switches (if installed).

  • your emergency evacuation procedure (inclusive of personal emergency evacuation plans and highlighting any mobility issues of users)

  • space keys and access codes

  • an emergency contacts list

  • a notepad and pen in a waterproof casing

  • hi-visibility vests that can be worn by the person in charge / fire marshals

  • a small first aid kit (ensure the contents are kept in date) and medical gloves

  • first aid ‘energy food’ such as glucose tablets

  • torch and spare batteries

  • glow sticks

  • emergency blankets

  • walkie talkies (these may be next to the kit as they will need to be charged)

  • whistle

  • drinking water

  • USB / memory drives with critical business information to aid with continuity (remember to update regularly).

Remember, the above list is a general recommendation and is not exhaustive. Every business is different and your grab bag contents should reflect your needs.

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