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Safe and Well - Are you an older person?

Safe and Well - Are you an older person?

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If you or someone you know is 70 years old and over, we can visit and make your home, or theirs, as safe as possible, to give greater peace of mind, and to help keep independence and people living in their homes for as long as possible.

Top tips:

  • Take steps to avoid slips trips and falls
  • Test smoke alarms regularly – they will give you the best chance of escaping safely if you have a fire.
  • Request a review of your prescriptions from your pharmacy or GP – especially if you are on five or more medicines.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free to reduce fire risk.
  • Using a kitchen timer is a good way of helping people to remember that something is cooking. 

 There's more help and support to living a safer life as an older person HERE  

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Follow our simple STEPS to feel ‘Safe and Well’

S is for SLIPS – Are there potential tripping hazards like loose carpets or misplaced cables?   

T is for TEST – Is the smoke alarm working? Check this weekly. Do the batteries need replacing?   

E is for ELECTRICS – Can you spot any hazards like overloaded sockets?   

P is for POTS AND PANS – Does the oven or hob need a clean to reduce risk of a fire in the kitchen?        

S is for SMOKING – Not smoking in the home is the best way of ensuring that children are not at risk of harm caused by tobacco smoke; however if you do smoke, make sure you always fully stub out cigarettes.


How to book a FREE Safe and Well Visit:

Call our Safe and Well Visit team on 0800 923 7000 during normal office hours or send an email or complete this form and we’ll endeavour to contact you within 10 working days.

Our home safety officers or firefighters will visit your home at a time convenient for you, and together with you will tailor the visit to suit your needs and the type of property you live in. A typical free visit takes around 45 minutes and includes the fitting of free smoke alarms where necessary, as well as vital advice to help you stay safe and well.

How to refer someone else for a Safe and Well Visit:

If you have fire safety or other health concerns about anyone you know, you can make an enquiry to us – just click on the image above that reflects the person you may be thinking about to get advice on how they can stay safer – then if you think they need a visit give us a call or request a call back.

Before you make that enquiry, please speak to the person in the first instance to make sure they're happy for us to contact them to arrange a visit in their home. You may want to suggest they visit our site first for further information, or they may want to contact us themselves.

If you're a carer for someone and you would like to book them in for a visit:  

Please call us on 0800 923 7000, or click on the image above that is most relevant and complete the form; include your contact details as well as theirs. We will contact you first.

Partner agency referrals

If you are a partner agency making a referral for someone else, find out more here and complete the agency referral form.

Meet the team who'll be visiting you and your home

Please note: our staff always carry official identification and you can contact us to check that they are a genuine employee of Kent Fire and Rescue Service. 

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