Safety and Wellbeing Plan 2023

The purpose of a Safety and Wellbeing Plan is to inform customers about changes we intend to make, or would like customers’ views on, before we make them.

This is a shorter plan than usual and tells you what we have been working on recently, our current safety campaigns and how we have performed. We have also given a summary of what you receive as a customer, for the money you pay as part of your council tax to help run the fire and rescue service across Kent and Medway.

On the next pages you can read just the plan itself.

There is also a survey you can complete having read the plan to give us your views, including a  on a number of options regarding Council Tax levels for 2023/24. This has the same content as the webpages, but allows us to collect your responses to each section.

Consultation closed

Consultation on the plan has now closed. The responses are being analysed and will be reported to the meeting of Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority to be held on 21 February 2023.