KFRS schools education programme

We are passionate about safety and saving lives through education. Our learning programme aims to build strong partnerships with schools and colleges across Kent and Medway. 

During our visits to primary schools, our team use their skills, knowledge and experience to talk to children about fire safety. These positive learning sessions give children useful advice they can share with their family.

At secondary schools we talk to young people about basic fire safety, anti-social behaviour, road safety, plus personal safety. All our school sessions are completely free. If your school would like a visit, please get in touch.

Primary school programme

Our team use their skills, knowledge, and experience to talk to children at school about fire safety. These positive learning sessions give children useful advice they can share with their family. 

School visits for years 1-6

The three talks we have available are offered as part of a rolling two-year programme, with each visit building knowledge and confidence of what to do to stay safe and reduce the risk of fires starting, as well as how to make an escape plan and emergency call if there is a fire.

What to expect 

  • Age-appropriate awareness sessions delivered to include different learning styles so that every child can fully participate in the learning of basic fire safety   
  • Clear explanations of how to prevent, detect and escape from fire
  • All three talks to be delivered on the same day for ease of planning into your school diary

What not to expect

  • Our officers to arrive in a fire engine
  • Fire demonstrations in the playground
  • Example lesson plans

Example lesson plans

Secondary school programme

Topics in secondary schools are wide and varied, from a general recap of basic fire safety to sessions around antisocial behaviour, arson and road safety from a passenger point of view. We are looking to pass on educational messages aimed at keeping young people safe, with the added messaging around criminal responsibility. These important talks focus on the impact of choices and consequences for young people, incorporating strategies on how to stay safe and out of trouble.

School visits for years 7-11

The three talks we have available are usually delivered in years 8, 10 and 11, with a focus on year 11 in the first term of the year to ensure we don’t interrupt once exams are happening. Talks are delivered by our experienced team and working with the school can be delivered on the same day, taking between 50-60 minutes each.

What to expect

  • Age appropriate messaging to cover the topic and ensure understanding
  • Sessions delivered in an assembly style setting to promote further discussion amongst peers
  • Knowledgeable officers able to provide clarity on points that arise during the session

What not to expect

  • Fire demonstrations at school
  • Session timings to be shortened beyond reason, as this could lead to confusion of the messaging or elements being missed
  • Officers to arrive with a fire engine

Example lesson plans

Youth courses

Not everyone can access our educational programmes, so we also offer made-to-measure sessions.

We can provide valuable, engaging safety messages for: 

  • special educational needs (SEN) schools
  • alternative curriculum providers
  • other partners providing not in employment, education or training (NEET) services

Sessions can include:

  • exploring and learning about fire and rescue service operational equipment
  • promoting problem-solving
  • team building skills
  • encouraging confidence and communication
  • leaders act as instructors, mentors and role models, so attendees learn everyday skills.

Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about our youth courses, please email us and a member of the team will get back to you shortly.