Buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises

The new Building Safety Act 2022 (BSA22) makes amendments to the Fire Safety Order. The Government Guidance notes that these amendments are intended to help residents in buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises to feel safer, and ensure they '...understand what you [RPs] are doing to comply with your responsibilities'.

What RPs currently provide under the Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022 ('the Regulations') set out details of information RPs must provide to residents of multi-occupied domestic premises. These are for premises where evacuation would take place  through common parts.  The Regulations direct what fire safety instructions must be shared with such residents, including the

  • evacuation strategy
  • how to report a fire
  • what residents must do when a fire occurs

Information relating to fire doors, and the display and provision of fire safety instructions are also dealt with in the Regulations.

Additional information RPs must now provide under the new Building Safety Act 2022

The new BSA22 contains further requirements for the provision of information, which are intended to ensure residents feel informed.

The Government Guidance lists these further requirements as follows ...

  • ‘any risks to residents identified in the fire risk assessment
  • the fire safety measures provided for the safety of any or all occupants (such as the means of escape, the measures to restrict the spread of fire and what people should do in the event of a fire)
  • the name and UK address of the Responsible Person
  • the identity of any person appointed to assist with making or reviewing the fire risk assessment
  • the identity of any competent person nominated by the Responsible Person to implement firefighting measures
  • any risks to relevant persons throughout the building that have been identified by other Responsible Persons in the building’

RP contact details

In addition to the list above, RPs should record their name and a UK address in the Fire Risk Assessment for the use of enforcement authorities. RPs should also consider providing contact details that residents can use to inform the RP of concerns or queries about fire safety or information they have received. 

Providing information 

RPs for buildings in England should provide the instructions and information required to meet both the Regulations and the Fire Safety Order as amended by the Building Safety Act 2022. It is recommended that both sets of information are provided together to ensure residents have all necessary information ' one place and format'. 

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