The Building Safety Act 2022

Why the Building Safety Act is important

The new Building Safety Act 2022 became law on the 28 April, 2022.

This new act was preceded by the Independent Review – 'Building a Safer Future' – which took place after the Grenfell Tower tragedy. Following that Review, the draft Building Safety Bill was published in 2020, with a view to addressing a fundamental reform of building safety and the problems identified by the independent review. That Bill has now become law as the Building Safety Act 2022.

How the Building Safety Act 2022 affects your business 

Part 5, section 156 of the new Building Safety Act 2022 amends the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 (the FSO). These changes apply to all buildings – not just high-rise and higher-risk residential buildings – including non-domestic buildings, businesses, and most public buildings.

They chiefly relate to the duties of Responsible Persons and are applicable where the FSO applies. Responsible persons therefore need to be aware of these changes and what it means for their role.

What Responsible Persons need to know ...

It is important that Responsible Persons (RPs) are aware of and understand how the new Act affects their duties and the buildings they are responsible for.

RPs are advised to refer to the latest government guidance - Understand your new duties as a responsible person under Section 156 of the Building Safety Act -  to assist them in understanding what new responsibilities they have for fire safety. Further information can also be found below ...

Which premises the new Building Safety Act applies to

Which buildings the Building Safety Act applies to and how it will be enforced

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Changes to the duties of Responsible Persons

The changes to the duties of RPs made by the new Act

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Buildings with two or more sets of domestic premises 

The additional information RPs must make available to residents.

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