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Kent Fire and Rescue Service attends a range of incidents including fires, road crashes, flooding, rescues from height, mud or confined spaces. It also supports other agencies including Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and the Martime and Coastguard Agency on a regular basis.

The incidents shown on this page are just a sample of those which may be of interest to the public and media.

Pets rescued from Faversham house fire
Incident details
Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to a kitchen fire in a house in Lewis Close, Faversham. Two fire engines attended and crews found the property full of smoke, but fortunately a smoke alarm had alerted three adult occupants and a child, allowing them time to escape. They were handed into the care of SECAmb paramedics for precautionary checks due to smoke inhalation. 
Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel jet to put the fire out, and a high pressure fan to clear the house of smoke. They rescued two tortoises, a hamster, a guinea pig, a rabbit and a cat from the property. The cat was unconscious and crews managed to revive it by providing oxygen through a special animal mask. Sadly, two budgies died. 
Kent Fire and Rescue Service's Volunteer Response Unit attended and worked with local vets and animal sanctuaries to find the pets somewhere safe to stay overnight. 
The fire is believed to have started accidentally due to an electrical fault with a kitchen appliance. 
Kent Fire and Rescue Service's Assistant Director for Customer Safety, Colin King, said: "This incident shows how important it is to have working smoke alarms on each floor of your home - the occupants were able to get outside quickly. 
"We also advise everyone to close internal doors before going to sleep, so fire and smoke can't spread so quickly - providing more protection for you, your family, your pets and your property."
Start date and time
05/02/2021 22:15
Stop date and time
05/02/2021 23:53
Location of incident
Lewis Close, Faversham, Kent ME13
Number of fire engines
  • Firefighting - High-pressure hose reel jet
  • Firefighting - Positive pressure ventilation fan
  • Medical - Animal oxygen therapy
  • PPE - Breathing apparatus
Partner agencies
  • KFRS Volunteer Response Team
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