Premises and the Building Safety Act 2022

What premises the new requirements apply to

The requirements of the new Building Safety Act apply to all non-domestic premises.

These can include:

  • places of work
  • places where people visit or stay
  • non-domestic areas of multi-occupied residential buildings, such as stairways, communal corridors.

What premises they do not apply to

The requirements do not apply to individual domestic premises.

Enforcing the new Requirements

KFRS remain the main enforcing body for the FSO in Kent and Medway.

Other enforcing bodies may be involved as follows:

  • Local Authority -  non-domestic parts of multi-occupied residential buildings (e.g. communal corridors, stairways) in addition to KFRS
  • Health and Safety Executive – non-occupied buildings on construction sites, and places of work where processes are undertaken
  • Defence fire Safety Regulator – sites used by armed forces
  • Crown Premises Fire Safety Inspectorate – buildings occupied or owned by the government