Safer Care Service for health and care premises

Our Safer Care Service is an initiative designed and developed by Kent Fire and Rescue Service with the aims of reducing risk in health and care premises and keeping such businesses safe and resilient.

As part of the initiative we will be offering seminars for responsible persons and owners of health and care premises – learn more below.

Why we have initiated our Safer Care Service

We have prioritised health and care premises for several reasons:

  • ageing population
  • increasing demand being placed on the care industry
  • varying levels of dependency for both physical and mental needs

This is because the levels of dependency overall within health and care homes are increasing year on year. Other factors may also have a dramatic impact on dependency, as for example, was seen during the Covid 19 pandemic.

    Fire safety and your health and care premises

    The growth in the care home sector has been achieved partly through the conversion and extension of existing buildings, some of which are centuries old but still provide comfortable and attractive accommodation for residents. These conversions and extensions should be subject to appropriate building control approval, which should provide an appropriate fire safety standard.

    Good management of fire safety in the care and nursing home sector is essential to

    • reduce the risk of a fire occurring
    • if there is a fire, having appropriate building control standards in place will ensure that incidents are controlled or contained quickly, effectively and safely
    • if a fire does occur and grows, staff must be able to ensure that everyone in the premises is able to evacuate and escape to safety easily and quickly or remain in a place of relative safety

    What our Safer Care Service can do for your business

    The aim of our initiative is to help health and care businesses − and in particular residential and nursing care premises − in Kent and Medway stay in business and thrive. To do this, they need to understand and meet their responsibilities under the Fire Safety Order.  

    To help them do this, the Safer Care Service will provide information and support in the form of:

    • seminars
    • workshops – in person and online
    • information and support via our website
    • information on social media
    • online content providing fire safety advice
    • individual guidance
    • regulatory inspections

    This information will be tailored to fire safety in health and care businesses and will be aimed at residential and nursing care premises and their Responsible Persons.

    Join our seminars

    We will be holding our next seminar day on 22 February 2024. This seminar will  focus on 'Fire Detection and Warning systems and Evacuation'. The day will have two sessions, from 9.30am to 12.30pm and from 1.30pm to 4.30pm.  Please note that the afternoon content will repeat the seminars delivered in the morning. Please therefore just book one session.

    Book your place to attend our seminar on 22 February 2024

    We are currently booking for our seminar on 22nd February 2024 and look forward to seeing you there. Please reserve your place as soon as possible

    If you have any questions, please contact our Safer Care Service team via email:

    Book your place on our February 2024 seminar
    Crews and colleagues from across KFRS took part in the day of action.

    Safer Care Service support

    The Safer Care Service also actively seeks to link in with our Community Safety (CS) Team, reaching out and providing support to family, friends, relatives and carers of the residents of these premises. The initiative also recognises the CS Safe and Well Initiatives, Making Every Contact Count, and Fire as a Health Asset.

    Contact us

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