Use of artificial or dried foliage

image showing a bbar area with artificial foliage behind it

Did you know?

If you use artificial leaves, flowers, green wall displays, or plants to decorate your business premises, you need to include these in your Fire Risk Assessment.

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Artificial or dried foliage and fires

Although they can look very attractive, artificial foliage, leaves, flowers, green wall displays, or plants pose a real fire risk.

Often used to decorate walls and ceilings, particularly in licensed premises, such displays have been involved in a number of fires in the UK. These fires have started in various ways including flambeing food, sparklers and indoor fireworks and candles. Fires involving them can develop and spread rapidly.

What Responsible Persons should do

  • make sure heat sources and naked flames are kept away from artificial foliage displays
  • use artificial foliage that is sold as being fire retardant
  • if you retrospectively treat displays with a proprietary fire-retardant treatment please be aware of the limitations of such treatments especially on plastic-based foliage, and the possible need to do regular treatments
  • make sure such foliage does not restrict or impact the operation of your fire protection systems, such as sprinklers
  • keep artificial foliage away from stairways, corridors and means of escape
  • such products must be suitable for commercial use  (note: please ensure you retain any certificates for future inspection by KFRS)

Artificial foliage and your Fire Risk Assessment

In addition to the above, when undertaking your Fire Risk Assessment ensure you consider:

  • artificial foliage and the surface finishes of and in your premises in your assessment
  • the risk posed should be reviewed and assessed by a competent person