Living with dementia

If you or someone you know has dementia we can visit and help to make your home - or their home - as safe as possible.

A visit can provide peace of mind and help people to stay independent and living in their own homes for longer.

Top tips for living safely with dementia

  • the kitchen is the most likely place where a fire could start. Read our guide to help you avoid fires and accidents in the kitchen
  • avoid using candles or open fires
  • using a kitchen timer is a good way of helping people to remember that something is cooking or to take medication
  • good lighting throughout the home makes a difference - dim or poor lighting can make a person with dementia feel “closed in”
  • Llbeling plug switches with instructions is very helpful such as ‘Do not switch off’ or ‘Do switch off at night’

How do I book a visit for myself or someone else?

If requesting a visit for someone else, please speak to the person in the first instance to make sure they're happy for us to contact them. You may want to suggest they visit this website first for further information, or they may want to contact us themselves.

If you're a carer for someone and you would like to book them in for a visit, please call us or apply online, including your contact details as well as the person you care for - we will contact you first.