Getting through

Rubbish bin not emptied? A minor inconvenience.

House burns down? A devastating, life changing experience.

Poster explaining that a fire engine needs 3.1 meters or 10 ft gap to get through a street

On some occasions, the council is unable to empty your bin because vehicles are blocking access to the road.

But if a refuse truck can’t get down the road, neither can a fire engine at a time when you might really need it to. Just a small delay could result in unimaginable consequences.

We know parking can be tight on roads. But please think about whether a large vehicle can get through next time you park.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is working with Canterbury City Council and Canenco to make people aware of the need to leave space for our fire engines and refuse trucks when parking on narrow streets.

Get involved

Help us get through by displaying our poster on your window, spreading the message even more and if possible encouraging your neighbours to do the same.