What the duck's this all about?

‘Got ducked, fell in' is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of being drunk or on drugs near water. It also sets out to highlight what safety equipment is in place at high risk locations, such as life rings or throw lines.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service is called out to around 40 water rescue incidents every year on average, and some of the people involved accidentally fell in when drunk. We want people to have fun, but also to take care of themselves and think before they drink near water.  

In May 2018, medium sized rubber ducks were placed around Kent and Medway where KFRS had repeatedly been called to rescue people from water.

Explanatory posters were placed next to each duck, outlining 'what the duck' it's all about, and highlighting the call to action for the public - now you've found the duck, help to raise awareness by posting a photo of it on Twitter or Instagram with #gotduckedfellin #gdfi and also hashtag the town you found it in, e.g. #Maidstone.

Beer mats were also given to water-side pubs throughout Kent.

For Christmas 2018, the campaign has returned with a festive twist. Christmassy ducks have been hidden in pubs near water across Kent and Medway. Customers are encouraged to play 'Where the duck is it?' and find the duck. They're asked to see it, snap it and share it on social media with #GotDuckedFellIn. Pubs have again been provided with explanatory posters to display, as well as urinal stickers for the male toilets.