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Kent Fire and Rescue Service attends a range of incidents including fires, road crashes, flooding, rescues from height, mud or confined spaces. It also supports other agencies including Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and the Martime and Coastguard Agency on a regular basis.

The incidents shown on this page are just a sample of those which may be of interest to the public and media.

Girls rescued from mud in Sheppey
Incident details
Crews rescued two girls who had become stuck in mud at the base of a cliff near Jetty Road, Warden Bay, Sheppey after taking a short cut. 
High tide was due in an hour, light was failing and the girls were already suffering mild hypothermia. 
“We could see the girls about three quarters of a mile away, but because the tide was already nearly in, we couldn’t reach them on foot” said KFRS Watch Manager,  Andrew Bridger-Smart.  “Thankfully the RNLI boat took KFRS crew, along with our mud rescue kit to the foot of the cliff saving vital time.  We used a mud rescue path to reach the girls and released them using a special mud lance. We were then able to bring them to safety across the mud rescue path and the RNLI boat took them to shore where they were treated for mild hypothermia by the ambulance team. 
“The public need to understand just how dangerous mud can be, and how unpredictable it is.  What may seem a firm and safe area can be just feet away from dangerous mud.  Though it may look firm enough to walk on, it is incredibly sticky and can cause a vacuum under foot.  That means the more you try to pull your way out, the more the vacuum holds you – which is what happened to the girls today.   
“There are some treacherous conditions around the Island and the public need to take these dangers seriously.  If you are out walking always take a mobile phone so you can call for help, and make sure your dogs also stay away from mud, as often owner get themselves into difficulties when they try to rescue their pets.” 
Start date and time
13/12/2014 15:17
Stop date and time
13/12/2014 16:33
Jetty Road
United Kingdom
Number of fire engines
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  • Mud path (*)
  • Mud lance (*)
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