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Kent Fire and Rescue Service attends a range of incidents including fires, road crashes, flooding, rescues from height, mud or confined spaces. It also supports other agencies including Kent Police, South East Coast Ambulance Service and the Martime and Coastguard Agency on a regular basis.

The incidents shown on this page are just a sample of those which may be of interest to the public and media.

Elderly woman carried to safety after fire in her Maidstone home
Incident details
A quick thinking Maidstone woman did exactly the right thing and phoned Kent Fire and Rescue Service’s Emergency Control Centre, after hearing smoke alarms sounding in her elderly neighbour’s Westmorland Road home. 
After going to her neighbour’s front door, she stayed on the phone line providing helpful information about what she could see, which greatly assisted firefighters who were on the scene within minutes of receiving the 999 call. 
Crews arrived to find black smoke coming from the first floor of the house. The elderly lady, thought to be in her 80’s had mobility issues but had managed to make her way downstairs to the hallway. 
She was carried out of her home and into the safety of her neighbour’s property by a firefighter. After being treated for minor smoke inhalation, she was taken to hospital by South East Coast Ambulance Service for precautionary checks. 
Two breathing apparatus teams used a hose reel to put the fire out and a special fan to help clear smoke from the property.  They also searched for the lady’s 14 year-old dog who had been overcome by smoke. Sadly, despite using a pet oxygen mask and giving heart massage to the dog, it did not survive. 
The fire is believed to have started accidentally by an electric blanket controller, which started sparking when the woman turned it off and dropped it down next to her bed. As she started to walk away from the bed it set light to the bedding and mattress. 
Although the fire was contained to the bedroom, the whole upstairs of the property was smoke damaged. 
Fire crews will be visiting neighbouring properties today with safety advice.
Start date and time
06/10/2018 22:34
Stop date and time
07/10/2018 00:18
Westmorland Road
United Kingdom
Number of fire engines
  • Firefighting - High-pressure hose reel jet
  • Medical - Oxygen therapy
  • Medical - Animal oxygen therapy
  • PPE - Breathing apparatus
Partner agencies
  • South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb)
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