Safety and Wellbeing Plan Update 2022

The purpose of a Safety and Wellbeing Plan is to inform customers about changes we intend to make, or would like customers’ views on, before we make them. This plan focuses on what we continued to do during the Covid-19 pandemic to help customers all over Kent and Medway. We have also given a summary of what you receive as a customer, for the money you pay in your Council Tax to help run the fire and rescue service across Kent and Medway. 

As part of the update, the infographic on this page provides a summary of what each of our customers receive for the money they have paid through Council Tax, which help run our fire and rescue service. The information shown in the infographic can also be displayed as a web page.

View the infographic

infogrphic for the Safety and Wellbeing Plan consultation

Consultation on this year's plan has now finished. We are analysing your responses and have reported them to the meeting of Kent and Medway Fire and Rescue Authority (currently only available in PDF format, see page 115) which was held on 18 February 2022.