Are you a smoker?

Cigarettes are designed to burn, but did you know they reach temperatures of over 800 degrees Celsius when being smoked, and up to 400 degrees when smouldering?

If you smoke, it’s important to smoke as safely as possible, because more people die in smoking-related fires, than in fires with any other cause.  

Increased fire risk

Because there is an increased fire risk in your home if you are a smoker, especially if you live on your own, Kent Fire and Rescue Service offer a free home fire safety visit to help you reduce risk in your home and support you with challenges you might experience.

A visit from one of our friendly team can help to make your home a safer place. From fitting smoke alarms to kitchen safety, we are here to offer advice and support.

To arrange a visit for yourself or someone else, go to our home fire safety visit page, where you’ll find all the information you need.  

In addition to requesting a home fire safety visit, there are other things that you can do yourself to help stay at home:  

  • avoid smoking in bed – this carries a high risk of fire because it is very easy to fall asleep and drop the cigarette, potentially causing a fire 
  • always use a proper ashtray – one that has a heavy base so it won’t tip over and placed on stable surfaces (not balanced on chair or sofa arms)  
  • Ensure ashtrays are emptied regularly so they don’t overflow 
  • run cigarette ends under the tap, or have water in the ash tray to ensure they are properly put out, before putting into the bin.   
  • keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children. 
  • if you have oxygen aid – remember never use your oxygen near a naked flame, including all forms of smoking and e-cigarettes, gas and electric cookers. 
  • if you use skin (emollient) creams for skin conditions including dry skin, keep them well away from naked flames and wash fabrics daily at high temperature to help remove the cream from clothing and bedding – see our dedicated page for more information.

Learn more on our further information page.

Did you know?

Our friendly team can also provide equipment such as adapted ash trays, metal bins, flame retardant bedding and more, to help make home a safer place if you are a smoker.