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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses had to temporarily close or change the way they did business. The impact of these changes was considerable, ranging from financial and personal difficulties, to ensuring fire safety was maintained. Kent Fire and Rescue Service understand the challenges and problems that businesses may have faced during the pandemic and continue to be here to advise and help you should you have concerns about the fire safety of your business or business premises. 

Simply get in touch with our Business Safety Helpline, where you can obtain free, friendly advice and help. Call us now on:   01622 212 442 (lines open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) or email us on:

For further information regard Covid 19 protection and fire safety, please see our dedicated page.


What every business needs to know

If you have a business you have a legal duty to make sure that it is safe for yourself and your staff, your customers, visitors, and anyone else who may use or attend your premises. This legal duty applies to both the employed and self-employed.

It also extends to charities, voluntary organisations and those who have control over premises. (In some cases, also to vehicles, vessels, aircraft, hovercraft, tents and moveable structures, and installations).

How Kent Fire and Rescue Service can help

Kent Fire and Rescue Service can help you understand your responsibilities in relation to fire safety and your premises, and what is required.

We can also offer advice on how to take precautions and minimise the risk of fire in the workplace, and on what you need to do to make sure you meet the legal requirements.

The law

In 2006, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (usually referred to as the fire safety order) came into force.

The fire safety order requires every business to carry out and maintain a fire risk assessment. It sets out what you need to do and who can do it. You’ll find information about this on the fire risk assessments page.

Who checks you’ve done a fire safety assessment, and when

Kent Fire and Rescue Service carries out fire safety inspections and will visit your premises. While we usually give you advance notice or make an appointment, we can make inspections at any time. When we inspect your premises we will be checking that you have undertaken a fire risk assessment and followed the rules of the fire safety order as it applies to your premises. We do this to ensure that your premises are as safe as possible for you, your staff and the public.

Need some help?

Kent Fire and Rescue Service's business safety helpline is here to give you free, friendly advice on making your business or regulated building compliant with fire safety regulations.

Call us on 01622 212 442 or email

You can also go to our business protection portal where you can generate a report specific to your type of business premises and location. This digital service will provide you with a wealth of additional information on how to safeguard your premises against a variety of different hazards.

Other help

If you need advice on organising a public event call us on 01622 212 464 or email

If you need advice on building regulations consultations for both the general public and approved inspectors on planning matters and building design, call 01622 212 421 or email

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