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General fire safety

  • Always keep bonfires away from buildings, fields, dry grass and woodstacks.
  • Keep a torch to hand in case of a power cut – they’re much safer than candles.
  • If you do use candles, always use a secure holder or candle stick.
  • Be sure your barbecue is safely burnt out before leaving it – or moving it.

Open or real fires

  • Clean chimneys regularly.
  • Only use seasoned wood or dry coal.
  • Use a fire guard and close the doors of woodburners when leaving a room.

Thatched roofs

  • People now regularly release Chinese lanterns and set off fireworks - not just at 'traditional' British times of celebration. If you notice any signs of them in the air, keep a regular eye on your roof and check it for signs of smouldering.
  • Buy a spark guard for your chimney to prevent large embers from blowing up from the grate and onto the roof.

Electrical wiring

  • The older your property is, the more likely it is to be at risk from electrical fires. For more information contact a licensed and registered electrician.

If you do have an emergency

  • Call us on 999 - but fires spread quickly and every bit of help you can give us when you call will make a real difference.
  • Be very clear about why there is an emergency.
  • Be as specific as possible about how many people are at risk.
  • Give good directions to the fire and describe any useful landmarks, for example: "You'll pass the post office on your left and you need to turn left down an unmarked road 400 yards later..."
  • Tell us of any house name as well as the numbers - every bit of information can help.
  • Stand outside to meet the fire engine. Wave to make it clear to the driver the site of the fire, using a torch if it's dark.

Fire hydrants

Fire hydrants are covered by a plate in the road and marked by a post at the roadside.

Help keep your community safe – let us know about:

  • Damaged/missing and covered hydrant covers, posts and indicator plates
  • Visible leaks coming from fire hydrants or the water network
  • Illegal use and interference with hydrants
  • Parking around hydrants - it’s an offence to obstruct a fire hydrant
  • Open water - please notify or update us regarding any new or existing large water sources (such as swimming pools) in your area

Call us on 01622 692121 extension 2391 or email

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