People urged to save safely as energy prices soar 

28 September 2022

In response to the rising cost of living, Kent Fire and Rescue Service has launched a campaign to help residents who are looking to save money on energy bills, to do so safely. During the colder months through its Save Safely Roadshow, the fire service will shine a light on safe money saving tips, and highlight the hazards associated with heating the home in different ways. 

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) is hitting the streets this autumn and winter to help keep people safe amid the cost of living crisis. 

As part of its new campaign called ‘Save Safely’, the service will be out and about providing safe energy savings tips for anyone looking for alternative and cost effective ways to heat their home. 

The fire service is concerned for the safety of residents, who may resort to increased reliance on portable heaters, electric blankets and open fires in the coming months – all of which come with a fire risk if not used correctly and carefully. 

KFRS Chief Executive Ann Millington said: “The rising cost of energy will impact everyone, so we feel compelled as a fire service to proactively get out there and advise people about choosing the safest ways to stay warm. It’s about staying safe, and reducing the chance of fires and injuries.  

“It may seem simple, but layering up with jumpers, socks and blankets is a really safe and free way to stay warm. People may want to use central heating in more cost effective ways – like heating the rooms used most often in the home and turning off radiators in other spaces, or switching it on just in the morning and evening when outside temperatures are coldest.”

The KFRS Save Safely Roadshow will be touring locations like high streets and hospitals across the county between September 2022 and March 2023, helping people to stay safe and warm. 

Ann added: “We know from speaking to residents so far, there’s likely to be increased electric heater and electric blanket usage, and people with open fire places and log burners at home are of course going to be making use of them.  So, the other part of our campaign is highlighting the heating hazards associated with alternative ways of staying warm, and helping people make the safest decisions to suit their situation.”

Visit KFRS’ Save Safely page for safe saving tips, heating hazard help, and more information about financial support for anyone struggling to pay energy bills. 

Anyone concerned about home fire safety can call KFRS on 0800 923 7000 for advice.

Keep safety in mind if you're finding ways to cut costs