Safe and Well home visits get a ten from Len

28 August 2019

Public, Home fire safety

Former Strictly Come Dancing head judge and Kent resident, Len Goodman, is supporting Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) in its ambition to keep more people living safely at home, via its free Safe and Well home visits. He’s booked a home visit for himself and he’s encouraging others to book too.

He said: “The Safe and Well home visit service with Kent Fire and Rescue Service is a no brainer; it’s fantastic! It costs nothing, and what’s better than knowing you are safe in your own home? Get on the phone, call 0800 923 7000 and book a visit today.” 

During a Safe and Well visit a home safety officer will visit your home at a time that’s convenient to you, and they’ll have an ID card which states they work for Kent Fire and Rescue Service. 

They’ll carry out some simple checks around your home, such as testing smoke alarms and making sure they’re in the best place – and they can install new ones if they’re needed; all free of charge. If you have hearing or eyesight challenges KFRS has special smoke alarms that flash and vibrate that can also be provided for free. 

The officers can also identify any potential fire risks such as overloaded sockets, look at the position of candles, as well as anything that could increase the chance of slips, trips and falls - providing advice about how to enhance safety in your home. 

You’ll also have chat about escape routes, and they’ll go through what the best options are for you in your home in the event of a fire. 

The home safety officer is there to help make sure you’re safe, provide advice, and answer any questions you may have. The visit will take around 45 minutes, and by the end you’ll have peace of mind that your home has been given a thumbs up for fire safety. 

Who can have a free Safe and Well Visit?

The visits are tailored to keep people living safely and independently at home across Kent and Medway, and are available to: 

  • Those who have a long term health condition
  • People over 70 years old
  • Families with young children
  • Expectant parents
  • Smokers

VIDEO: Thanks goes to MEPA college dance students for featuring in our video as dancing firefighters.